Microstrategy Training Services

Corporate Profile

We offer Microstratgey Training in two modes

  • Online Training For Individuals
  • Corporate Training


  • Our live online training is completely interactive and done through a licensed web based tool.
  • Our classes held on the week ends (full day) & evening (working days) only.
  • In case of corporate training , our trainer will visit client place on scheduled date and time as per client requirement

Standard Microstrategy Training Course Content
Module Name Time in Days required
 Basic datawarehousing concepts  0.5 day
 Overview of Microstratgey  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Architechture  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Tool Componants  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Schema Objects  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Public objects  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Report Services & OLAP services &  VLDB Properties  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Administrator & Narrowcasting & Web  1.0 day
 Microstrategy defect fixing and performance tuning  techniques & recaptulation / Interactive session  0.5 day
 Microstrategy Hands On (Dummy project)  1.0 day
Corporate Training Course Content

Corporate training course content is designed as per client requirement after discussion with client

Note: For corporate training , we are pleased to offer free Demo Session

Description of Course Modules in details
Module Name Contents in detail
 Basic datawarehousing  concepts  This Module includes life cycle of a BI project which  covers Data Modelling -> ETL -> reporting
 Overview of Microstratgey  This Module includes an overview of Microstrategy as a  BI tool and it's advantage over other BI tools
 Microstrategy Architechture  This Module includes 2 tier , 3 tier , 4 tier and N tier  architechture of Microstratgey
 Microstrategy Tool  Componants  This Module includes Metadata database ,  Intellegence Server , Project source , Command  Manager , Enterprise Manager , Object Manager ,  Desktop etc
 Microstrategy Schema  Objects  This Module includes Attribute ,Fact , Transformation ,  Logical table , Hiererchy etc
 Microstrategy Public  objects  This Module includes Filter , Prompt , Metric , Reports ,  Custom group , Consolidation etc
 Microstrategy Report Services &  OLAP services  This Module includes Dynamic Dashboards And OLAP  services like view filter , Derived Metric , Report limit ,  Dynamic aggregation , drilling , Pivoting , Page by etc
 Microstrategy  Administrator &  Narrowcasting & Web  This Module includes Microstrategy administrator  concepts , Narrowcasting basics and Microstrategy  Web
 Microstrategy defect fixing and  performance tuning techniques &  recaptulation  / Interactive session  This Module includes Microstrategy defect fixing and  performance tuning techniques
 Microstrategy Hands On
 (Dummy project)
This Module includes 2 dummy projects ( one basic & one advanced) to be done by the trainees under our guidence
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